A shamanic healing session can help you move forward in life, experience greater joy and well-being, and deal more effectively with pain, difficulties, and trauma.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice still in existence today. The essential nature of the shamanic practice does not change, and has not changed since ancient times. Shamanism is not a religion - It is a direct experience of spiritual and energetic knowledge. Every culture and generation has their shamans who serve as intermediaries between the dimensions and who can hold a vision of a higher destiny that might be seeded into the present and cultivated to fruition. Medicine men and women work with healing, and connect to the spiritual aspect of people and the world. The shamanic worldview is one that sees beyond the apparent separations of the world and understands the sacredness and value in all life; everything is energy, and there is connection between all things. Shamanism engages in a profound, impeccable relationship with nature. A shaman is someone who has been called by spirit to acquire shamanic gifts through life-challenging situations and ongoing tests of integrity. These challenges and tests open doorways to spiritual awareness, and bring gifts and a direct connection with spiritual realms that enable the shaman to access information and energy for healing and harmony. Shamanism is the practice of this core connection, both for healing and to gain spiritual knowledge.

jan zoya

Jan is a practitioner of energy medicine trained in the Inca q’ero lineage of the Andes. She is also a certified Akashic Records reader, Usui Reiki master, and formally trained fine-art painter. Jan is from Los Angeles and lives in Peru.